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ОписаниеOne Piece, TV / Ван-Пис [001-090 из 303+]+ movie 1 и 2 + OVA
Оригинальное название: ワンピース
Английское название: One Piece
Русское название: Ван-Пис / Одним куском / Платье

Страна: Япония
Период трансляции: c 20.10.1999
Жанр: приключения, комедия, фэнтези, сёнэн

Категория: TV
Количество эпизодов: 303+
Продолжительность: 24 мин.

Студия: TOEI Animation
Режиссёр: Уда Коносукэ
Автор оригинала: Ода Эйитиро

Перед смертью король пиратов, у которого было все — богатство, слава и власть — спрятал сокровище под названием «Платье». Мальчик по имени Раффи отправляется в путешествие по океану в надежде найти его. В открытом море он знакомится с друзьями, и они попадают во множество приключений, преодолевая все преграды в погоне за своей мечтой.

Названия эпизодов:
001. I`m Luffy! The boy who will become the Pirate King!
002. The Great Swordsman Appears! Pirate Hunter, Roronoa Zoro
003. Morgan VS Luffy! Who`s This Beautiful Young Girl?
004. Luffy`s past! The Red-haired Shanks appears
005. The terrifying power of Pirate Clown, Captain Buggy
006. Desperate Situation! Beast Tamer Mohji vs Luffy!
007. Grand Duel! Zoro the Swordsman vs Cabaji the Acrobat!
008. Who Will Win? Showdown Between the True Powers of the Devil!
009. Honorable Liar? Captain Usopp
010. The World`s Strongest Weirdo! Jango the Hypnotist!
011. Revealing the Conspiracy! The Pirate Caretaker, Captain Kuro!
012. Collision! The great defense against the Kuroneko Pirate Fleet on the hill
013. The fearsome duo! Nyaban brothers vs Zoro
014. Luffy revived! Little lady Kaya`s desperate refusal
015. Defeat Kuro! The teary determination of Usopp the man
016. Defend Kaya! The great work of the Usopp Pirate Fleet
017. Explosion of anger! The ending of the battle between Kuro and Luffy
018. You are the weird animal! Gaimon and his strange friends
019. The past of the three-blade style! Zoro and Kuina`s oath
020. Famous cook! Sanji aboard the restaurant on the seas
021. An unwanted guest! Sanji`s food and Gin`s gratitude
022. The strongest pirate armada! Commander Don Krieg
023. Protect the Baratie! The big pirate, Red-Footed Zeff
024. The Hawk-eyed Mihawk! Swordsman Zoro falls to the seas
025. The kick combos explode! Sanji vs Steelwall Pearl
026. Zeff and Sanji`s dream ALL BLUE in the legend
027. Cold, merciless demon: Pirate armada captain Gin
028. I won`t die! Ferocious battle - Luffy vs Krieg!
029. The end to the deathmatch! The one spear stuck in the gut!
030. Departure! The cook of the seas goes together with Luffy
031. The worst man in the east seas! Merman pirate Arlong
032. The witch of Kokoyashi Village! Arlong`s right-hand woman
033. Usopp dies!? When will Luffy`s landing be?
034. Everyone gather! Usopp tells the truth about Nami
035. The hidden past! Female soldier bellemere!
036. Live through! The bond between Nami and Mother, bellemere
037. Luffy Stands up! The resolution of the betrayed promise!
038. Luffy in a bind! Mermen vs Luffy Pirate Fleet
039. Luffy sinks underwater! Zorro vs Hatchan the octopus
040. A proud warrior! Fierce battles for Sanji and Usopp
041. Luffy all-out! Nami`s resolution and a straw hat
042. Lashing out! Merman Arlong`s fierce attacks from the sea!
043. The end of the merman empire! Nami is our comrade!
044. The departure of smiles! Farewell Kokoyashi Village, my hometown
045. A bounty-head! Luffy the Straw Hat gets known to the world
046. Go after the straw hat! The big adventure of little Buggy
047. Sorry to keep you waiting! Ah, the revival of Captain Buggy!
048. Landing upon Logue Town: The Town of the Beginning and the End
049. Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri! Zoro`s new swords, and the Female Sergeant Major
050. Usopp -vs- A Daddy and his kid -- Midday Duel
051. A Cooking Battle of Fire!? Sanji -vs- A Beautiful Chef
052. Buggy`s Revenge! The Man who Laughs on the Execution Stand!
053. The Legend has Begun! Heading to the Grand Line
054. The Feeling of a New Adventure! A Mysterious Girl, Apis
055. A Creature of Miracle! The Secret of Apis and the Legendary Island
056. Eric on the Move! The Great Escape from Carrier Island!
057. Lone Island on the Torrential Seas! Lost Island, Isle of Lore
058. Duel in the Ruins! Zoro -vs- Eric Under Pressure!
059. Complete Barricade around Luffy! The Secret Plan of Commander Nelson
060. One that Flies through the Vast Skies! A Legend of the Millenium Revived!
061. Ending of Anger! Get over the Red Line!
062. The First Fortress? Laboon the Giant Whale Appears
063. Promises between men! Luffy and the Whale Swear for a Reunion
064. A Town that Welcomes Pirates? Landing on Whiskey Peak
065. The Three Swords Ignite! Zoro -vs- Baroque Works
066. A Serious Match! Luffy vs Zoro, the Mysterious Duel!
067. Deliver Princess Vivi! Luffy Pirate Fleet Sets Sail
068. Go for It, Coby! Cobymeppo`s Marine Battle Diary
069. The Decision of Cobymeppo! The Paternal Heart of Lieutenant-General Garp
070. The Bird of Ancient Times! The Shadow Hiding in Little Garden!
071. A Huge Duel! Giants Dorry and Brogy
072. Luffy Angered! A Ruthless Trap to a Sacred Duel
073. Brogy`s Flood of Victorious Tears! The Settlement between the Elbuff
074. Candle of Evil! Tears of Resignation, Tears of Anger
075. Magical Powers Assaulting Luffy! The Colors Trap
076. Now Is the time to Fight Back! Usopp`s Creativity and Flame Star
077. Farewell, Island of Giants! Head for Alabasta!
078. Nami is sick? Beyond the Snow Falling on the Ocean
079. An Ambush! The Briking, and Wapol the Tin-man
080. An Island with No Doctors? Adventure in the Nameless Country!
081. Are You Happy? A Doctor Called a Witch!
082. Dolton`s Determination! Wapol`s Army Lands on the Island
083. Island where Snow Lives! Climb the Drum-Rocky!
084. The Reindeer Has a Blue Nose! Chopper`s Secret
085. An Outlaw`s Dream! Quack Doctor Hiruluk
086. Hiruluk`s Cherries and the Will that Gets Passed On
087. VS Wapol`s Army! The Powers of the Bak-Bak Fruit
088. An Animal-type Devil Fruit! Chopper`s Seven Transformations
089. When the Kingdom`s Rule Ends! The Flag of Determination Waves Forever
090. Hiruluk`s Cherries! The Miracle on Drum Rocky
One Piece movie 1
One Piece movie 2 +OVA
One Piece TV Special no.1

Контейнер: AVI
Качество: TVRip
Видео: XviD, 640 x 480 23.976 1275
Аудио: MP3, RuS- 48000Hz 128 kb/s JaP- 48000Hz 128 kb/s

Перевод: (k-f) Kage Project
Озвучивание: Persona99
Источник: AmaranT

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